Dresses and tennis shoes: an unlikely love story

img_4979-2Every time my family watches an action film, my mom has to point out whether or not the female protagonist who is running to or from danger is wearing heels. Spoiler: she always is. Then, my mom makes a huge deal out of how the film is unrealistically portraying a woman’s ability to do things in said heels. I mean, she is right.

The modern woman seems to be catching on and saying “screw you” to those walking impediments by setting up the dress and tennis shoe on a blind date. Another spoiler: there will be a second date.

I first noticed this trend in Rihanna, who has been wearing sneakers with dressed-up ensembles for years. Then I saw Bella Hadid (left) on Instagram sporting a skin-tight midi skirt with a pair of black Nike shoes. And then I saw Kendall Jenner copy the essence of this look from Bella, which is no surprise, because they share a stylist.

Let’s be honest, beauty may be pain, but this latest trend gives heel-wearing women everywhere the opportunity to forgo blisters in favor of mismatched socks with a supported sole. My fellow female party-goers have been seen pairing their best evening ensembles with their favorite sneakers every night of the week at Midtown, Downtown and at on-campus fraternities. Some have even been seen taking this new trend to the classroom. What a time to be alive.

Here’s how you can join in on the comfort:

A pair of sneakers is the obvious first step to achieving this look. Go with a solid neutral color, like black or white or a nude, and have fun! You can choose from any athletic shoe company, but my favorites are Adidas, Converse, Nike and Vans.

Next, you’ll need a dress or skirt. Let the following pieces inspire you: this midi dress, this off-the-shoulder dress or this midi skirt.

Lastly, have the confidence to show your new outfit off! Your feet will thank you.