About the Blogger

Welcome. My name is Isabelle. I have a particular love for street style, which celebrities have been taking advantage of recently to make fashion icons of themselves. Street style used to start with us, the plebians, and the ways we followed trends Parisian fashion houses set at a much higher price.

But then something shifted. Maybe it was Rihanna who brought the runway to the street, or maybe it began long before the internet took notice. Regardless, I want to help you dress like the Harry Styles’s and Gigi Hadids of the world one pair of Forever 21 ankle boots at a time.

I was born in New York, the fashion capital of my life. Every time I am in the Big Apple, I am inspired by the layman’s ability to dress like a superstar without having people turn heads. Anyone can be a celebrity in New York, I have found, which makes the A-listers blend in like the rest of us on the city streets, save for the herds of paparazzi they bring with them.

I was raised with the idea that beauty and personal image is derived from how you present yourself, not by how your physical attributes represent you. Fashion has always been something that I can control when it comes to my physical appearance. It’s important to me to take the utmost responsibility for this control. I want to help you take control, too, by giving you affordable options to dress your best.

If you’re interested, follow my Twitter @isabelleresnick or Instagram @izares for more of my thoughts, both written and visual.