The bomber jacket: safe for flying

I hate to brag, but I totally saw the bomber jacket trend coming. This was before Saint Laurent introduced their menswear line at Paris Fashion Week in Fall 2015, and Harry Styles became their unauthorized street style model.

I worked at Nordstrom the summer of 2015. Every August, retailers are trying to push winter clothes on their customers who will probably not wear those clothes for several more months.

Sure enough, August came along and we put a garnet Missguided bomber jacket on our racks, the first bomber jacket I had ever seen intended for women’s fashion, and for the few weeks that it was hanging adjacent to the cash wrap, I could not take my eyes off it. When my paycheck came in, I bought it.

Okay, so maybe Missguided started it. But someone’s got to wear the item for the trend to take off! I take full responsibility and I think the brand owes me some royalties.

Last winter saw many celebrities wearing the bomber jacket, but it did not seem to catch on with non-luxury brands or the people who shop them. This past August, however, I saw H&M debut the embroidered bomber jacket in its stores, just in time for five months before winter. Not long after, nearly every affordable retailer was selling bomber jackets under $100.

Though I haven’t seen them in Gainesville yet, I know bomber jackets will be a huge trend you don’t want to miss out on come actual cold weather. Because it doesn’t get that cold in this city, these jackets are perfect to keep you warm enough while bar hopping without breaking a sweat.

Here are a few of my favorites:

An embroidered bomber and a floral bomber if you’re striving for elegance.

An iridescent bomber to match a multitude of colors.

One that will bring out the early 2000s kid in you.

A faux fur jacket for the chic animal lover.

Last, but not least, is the NastyGal jacket I own, which is pictured above. It’s a modern take on the classic football player’s letter jacket.

I hope you’ll help make my summer 2015 prediction come true and bring the bomber jacket to your college town this winter season.




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