Breaking news: being chunky is now in

IMG_5006.jpgWhat is it about the chunky heel that is making its way across both million-follower Instagrams and the Midtown bars lately? The stiletto is out, ladies and gentlemen, and the block heel has made its way to Gainesville with no signs of slowing down. 

I first noticed the chunky heel becoming popular last spring, when Steve Madden released a collection of minimalist and affordable ankle strap sandals. These types of sandals aren’t new, I might add, but his were different. They came with some cubic-shaped height. 

A heeled shoe is elongating. This is a fact. Wearing them makes your legs look longer and slimmer – what could be better? But for tall girls like me, a too-tall heel can make you feel like a Freedom Tower among barely-there skyscrapers. 

Luckily for me, and those who can’t keep balance on stable ground, the chunky heel rarely comes too tall, and it doesn’t make you fit in at a nursing home like a kitten heel. It is youthful and sophisticated and practical. You can even wear chunky heels with casual outfits, which is my particular favorite thing to do. It makes you look chic and well-dressed when you’re really not, and no one has to know! Often a heel that is too high brings you to formal dress status, but a chunky heel will never bring down the caliber of an outfit. 

The Huffington Post said that thick, 1-inch heels are the best kinds of shoes for your feet. If you don’t believe me, believe Arianna Huffington.

Now that the summer weather is taking its last bows, chunky heeled boots and booties are making their way onto the main stage, giving the average girl a way to stay chunky with warm feet. But where did the chunky boot trend see its incarnation? Celebrity street style, of course. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift have all been seen taking on the trend, to the imitation of their Instagram followers, and now, college students.

Yesterday, Steve Madden himself came to the University of Florida, thanks to the work of the school’s Retail Society. Madden sat down with College Fashionista’s Amy Levin and answered her questions about his life, his time in prison (shout out to Wolf of Wall Street), his business and his plans moving forward (men’s shoes and pajamas, but that’s between us). 

Of course, the attendees were mostly female, and appropriately clad in Steve Madden footwear. Let me tell you, I saw chunky heels on ankle booties, chunky heels on over-the-knee boots, chunky heels on pumps, chunky heels on chunky heels! If it was a shoe, it was a chunky heel. 

If you’re interested in joining the trend for either practicality (your heel will never get stuck in grass or dirt again) or style or both, here are a selection of chunky heels from ankle-height velvet to Chelsea faux leather and over-the-knee suede. Forever 21 has a TON of these styles for a great price. The quality is fantastic too!

Platform Chelsea Boots $34.90

Thigh-Highs $39.90

Tan cutouts $68

Open-toe lace-ups $34.90

Faux patent leather $39.90

Cutout faux leather $34.90 (pictured above)

Need some inspiration to get you going? Trying to decide how to make your chunky heeled debut in your closet? Pair your new shoes with these jeans, these trousers, or this dress. Off you go!


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